About our Technical Working Groups

NEON relies upon input from more than 20 Technical Working Groups (TWGs), comprised of science, education and engineering experts. These groups play an important role by providing input to NEON’s data collection and processing methods; they also help ensure that NEON infrastructure, data and programs are a valuable community resource. Working groups are participatory and advisory; they are often tasked with providing input on issues that have scientific, educational, engineering or operational implications.

TWG Member Expectations

TWG members may be asked to respond to three to five requests per year for guidance and feedback, primarily via email. Typical requests could involve review of documents pertaining to project team functions, processes, and procedures; advice on field or laboratory procedures, protocols or study design; and provision of technical information. Members will be notified of upcoming review requirements as they become known and with as much lead time as possible – typically at least 2 weeks. TWG members are expected to i) review documents in a timely manner, ii) provide recommendations in brief, and iii) adhere to confidentiality requests from NEON.  A request for information may be less formal and entail a simple email response to either the Chair or NEON staff member.  In all cases, TWG members will be given sufficient time to respond to individual requests. 

TWGs generally will not be asked to produce extensive reports or other labor-intensive products.  Deliverables shall be agreed upon at the start of a request for review or information.  NEON anticipates deliverables will mainly be short, concise documents, emails, and/or discussions. In the event that a more extensive product is required, mutually agreeable arrangements will be made beyond that envisioned as normal TWG operations, including appropriate compensation for time, travel, and materials as appropriate. For more information and descriptions of the NEON's Technical Working Groups, visit this page.

Joining a TWG

To join a TWG, you can either nominate yourself or someone else. Nominations can be made at any time. Once review begins, we hope to notify nominees of the status of their nomination within 30 days of submission. Questions? Please email the TWG Secretary.

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