Community Feedback

The NEON project could not have become a reality without contributions from many dedicated scientists to conceptualize and design the project. As early as 1999, ecologists and biologists were meeting to discuss a need for a Biodiversity Observation Network (BON). By 2000, the idea had developed into a more comprehensive “ecological observatory network” that would address continental-scale questions, and now the observatory is entering intial operations.

We believe community feedback and support are essential to the success of the NEON project. To accelerate and achieve significant outcomes, the NEON project must continue to improve its engagement with the scientific community and its other stakeholders. Over the lifetime of the NEON project, we aim to achieve an optimized observatory with a robust, active, and inclusive NEON user community that transforms science and maximizes NEON-related research over the next 30 years and beyond.

Moving foward, NEON engagement centers around three goals:

  1. Optimize NEON: Continuously improve and adapt NEON data, resources, and infrastructure through interactive community engagement.
  2. Engage a robust, active, and inclusive NEON user community: Build and leverage community relationships across scales (local, regional and continental) to facilitate community-driven research using NEON data, resources, and infrastructure.
  3. Cultivate future NEON users: Facilitate collaborative training and professional development for scientists and other potential NEON users.

Give Us Your Feedback

There are many ways you can provide feedback to and get involved with the NEON project. Here are just some of the ways:

We Hear You

Over the years, the NEON project has relied on the expert counsel of countless scientists who have participated in working group workshops, conferences, surveys, technical working groups, and our Science, Technology & Education Advisory Committee (STEAC). Please take a moment to read a recently published evaluative report that will drive our future strategic engagement plans. We plan to publish reports like this periodically through the lifetime of the observatory.

2018 Community Engagement Assessment Report

This report is a synthesis of feedback from a number of sources, with an emphasis on the recent 2018 community stakeholder survey, to better understand awareness, knowledge, and perceptions of the NEON project as well as interest in using NEON’s data and infrastructure. Findings from this report will be used by NEON leadership to shape a strategic engagement plan to accelerate and maximize use of the observatory as a community-owned resource for the ecological research community and beyond.


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