Data Themes

  • Atmosphere

    Atmospheric science is the comprehensive study of the physics, chemistry and dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere. NEON uses atmospheric measurements at field sites to create data products that characterize atmospheric processes and change over time, including changes in physical climate and net ecosystem exchange. 

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  • Biogeochemistry

    Biogeochemistry is the study of the cycling of the fundamental chemicals that support life, collectively termed nutrients. NEON collects and produces data on key nutrients, such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus as they move through the atmosphere, water bodies, soil, microbes, plants and animals to support understanding of nutrient cycles and related changes in a variety of ecosystems.

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  • Ecohydrology

    Ecohydrology is the study of how physical and biological processes interact with water cycles. NEON collects and produces data on precipitation patterns, soil and groundwater dynamics, interactions with vegetation, and processes such as nutrient cycling and food web dynamics in aquatic ecosystems to support the comprehensive study of water cycles throughout diverse ecosystems.

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  • Land Cover and Processes

    The study of land cover and processes examines land surface characteristics, such as vegetation composition, slope, aspect and topography, and changes to land surface. NEON collects a range of in situ measurements, field observations and airborne remote sensing observations to produce a suite of land data products. 

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  • Organisms, Populations and Communities

    The study of organisms, populations and communities describes how organisms interact with each other and their environment at individual, population and community levels. To characterize these interactions, NEON samples a variety of organisms in aquatic and terrestrial systems and creates data products that reflect individual organism traits, population dynamics and the composition of communities.

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