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Getting to Know the NEON Domains: The Tundra

March 18 2019
Remote locations. Brutally cold winters. Short summers with 24-hour sunlight. Our Tundra field sites have some of the most challenging field conditions among our NEON locations—and some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife.
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What Role Do Deep Soil Minerals Play in Carbon Storage?

February 26 2019
An estimated 600 megatons of carbon is currently held by reactive minerals deep within terrestrial soils around the world —more than twice the amount of carbon that humans have added to the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution began. Understanding the pathways and variables that influence carbon sequestration in soil could lead to new ideas to combat climate change and protect vulnerable ecosystems.
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Gathering Moss (and Other Bryophytes) in the Sierra Nevada

February 13 2019
Dr. Paul Siri Wilson is shining a light on some understudied members of California's ecosystems: bryophytes. He and his students are creating a new ebook and sponsoring open microscope days to bring awareness to the mosses, liverworts and other non-vascular plants that most people take for granted in the landscape.
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NEON’s Airborne Remote Sensing Flight Season Announced for 2019

January 29 2019
Thinking about planning a ground sampling project in coordination with one of our airborne remote sensing surveys? The 2019 NEON flight campaign plans have been announced. The season will run from March to October, covering fifteen NEON domains and including 35 terrestrial sites and 21 aquatic sites.
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Check it Out: NEON Biorepository is Open for Business

January 16 2019
Need a bulk order of ground beetles? How about some frozen soil samples? Or a selection of well-preserved small mammal specimens? Now, you can check out these and dozens of other biological sample types from the NEON Biorepository.
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Calibrating Remote Sensing Data with Field Observations in the East River Watershed

December 12 2018
To build better models of watershed processes and calibrate remote sensing data with observations on the ground, a diverse team of researchers spent two weeks this summer gathering soil and vegetation data from hundreds of individual sites within the East River watershed near Crested Butte, CO.
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Using NEON Data to Inform a Changing World

December 06 2018
Two major reports recently came out (the 4 th National Climate Assessment and the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report) that got me thinking about our changing planet and the role of NEON in monitoring those changes.
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MALIBU Project Taps NEON Data for Space-borne Data Validation

November 14 2018
Ecological data collected in the field gives researchers a window into how ecosystems and climate are changing in a particular area. But to see the bigger picture, you have to take a step back— way back. All the way to space.
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The Power of Networked Science

November 09 2018
Several long-term national and international science networks such as the Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTER), the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO), AmeriFlux and GLEON are driving a deeper understanding of environmental processes and systems. But how can these networks complement and reinforce each other? And how does the NEON project fit in among these established networks?
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