2015 Interns

Gabriel Bromley | Terrestrial Ecology (Instrumentation)

Senior at University of Wisconsin - Madison

Project: Optimizing the collocation of field sampling activities and tower-based instrument measurements

Catherine Clark | Airborne Observation Platform

Junior at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Project: A Comparative Analysis of Field Spectroscopy and NEON Atmospherically Corrected Airborne Reflectance Data

Avalon Hoek Spaans | Terrestrial Ecology

Senior at University of Florida

Project: Climatic and Ecological Factors Explain Fine Root Biomass at Depth on the Continental Scale

Victoria Scholl | Airborne Observation Platform

Senior at Rochester Institute of Technology

Project: Assessing and Adapting LiDAR-Derived Pit-Free Canopy Height Model Algorithm for Sites with Varying Vegetation Structure

NEON internship project mentor, David Hulslander, and airborne LiDAR work at NEON have lead her to Switzerland for a Fulbright U.S. Student Program research fellowship! In 2016-2017, she is conducting forestry-related research at the University of Zürich Remote Sensing Laboratories.

Justo Tarula | Calibration Validation Laboratory

Junior at University of California - Riverside

Project: Quantifying impacts of atmospheric and physical parameters on pyranometer calibration


More alumni and projects:

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