NEON Data Education Fellows Faculty Mentoring Network Application Deadline

When: December 14, 2018
Location: United States

DEADLINE: Applications due December 14, 2018

This unique networking and professional development opportunity will run from January - May 2019 and is geared towards faculty interested in implementing or adapting existing NEON teaching materials to their educational settings.

Faculty who already teach using NEON data and would like to use this Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) to improve and transition it to an open educational resource are also invited to participate.  Preview the materials produced by faculty in the Spring 2018 NEON Data Education Fellows FMN

Participant commitment: 

  • Have a group of students to work with and be able to adapt/modify the curriculum so that you can implement the module you work on during the FMN.  (We use “faculty” as a stand in for this role, this does not mean you need to be tenure track faculty to be part of the FMN.)
  • Implement at least one NEON data-centered activity with their students during the semester 
  • Attend 1-hr online meetings twice per month during the semester (spring: January-May, fall: August-December; day/time of meeting will be determined by participant schedules)
  • Participate in review and feedback of FMN colleagues' materials
  • Contribute modifications or new content for posting on QUBESHub and with NEON

Benefits of participation:

  • Co-authorship/Contributor: Participants will be listed as authors on the material where they make significant contributions on the NEON website.
  • Classroom ready data-centered activities: Leave this FMN with several data-centered activities that have been tested and revised in the classroom.
  • Publication: Participants who develop unique educational materials are encouraged to submit their materials to an educational journal such as Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology (TIEE), CourseSource, or similar publication.
  • NEON Data Education Fellow recognition: All participants who submit improvements or new content for publication with QUBES will be recognized as NEON Data Education Fellows.
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