Letters of Support

Does your proposal require a letter of support or collaboration? NEON can provide researchers with letters of collaboration/support to accompany proposals that include the planned use of NEON resources. Please note that researchers typically do not need letters of support for using regularly available NEON data and resources. All NEON data are downloadable from the NEON data portal along with protocols and other supporting documentation. Archived samples are also available upon request with no need for a letter of support.

Requesting your Letter of Collaboration/Support

If your proposed research project requires access to NEON infrastructure that may incur some costs, you must fill out the appropriate Assignable Assets forms. Examples include an AOP remote sensing survey for your own research, deploying an MDP, on-site sampling or experiments, access to specimens or samples before they are archived, or other work outside the standard day-to-day operations of NEON. Assignable Assets forms should be submitted at least four weeks prior to your deadline. Learn more

For letters of collaboration/support that do not require a request form for the Assignable Assets program, you may email the NEON Assignable Assets team with the following information listed below. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for us to process your request and send you a letter.

Information to Include

  • Information on the NEON resources the proposal would like to use:
    • The resources you are seeking to use, and from which NEON site(s) if applicable; and
    • When you need those resources (and/or for physical and biological samples, for how long you need them).
  • Information on your project:
    • Funding agency (e.g., NSF, NASA)
    • Program (e.g., CAREER, EAGER, etc.)
    • Proposal title
    • Principal Investigator’s name
    • Principal Investigator’s affiliation
    • Principal Investigators email address
  • Date by which you need the Letter of Support. Please submit requests at least two weeks prior to your deadline.
  • If your research program has a standard letter or memo template that PIs are required to follow – please include the template with your request.

Send your letter to NEON Assignable Assets team

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